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Master The Elevator Pitch

Become a master at pitching your startup in less than 30 seconds!

Master The Elevator Pitch is a self-learning course designed to help you hone your elevator pitch: the one-chance opportunity to present your project to a busy business angel or venture capitalist.

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Create A VC-Ready Pitch Deck

Learn how to make a startup financing memo that stands out!

Financial investors receive hundreds of opportunities every year. They spend 3 min per memo. Make sure yours get the extra attention that will lead to another meeting.​

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Becoming A Venture Capitalist

Learn the secrets of venture capital: how VCs make money, select deals, value startups, negotiate term sheets, and more.


If you are a junior VC, a fundraising founder or a would-be VC candidate, this course was made for you.

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Startup Financials & Valuation

Succeed where 90% of startup founders fail!


Learn how to build cashflow forecasts that matter to you, and the financial investors you are meeting. Cash burn, runway, fume date and round size will have no secrets for you!

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